Our Impact

LOOK WHAT WE ACCOMPLISHED TOGETHER! Keep Growing Detroit is proud to share some highlights from the 2019 growing season with our community and supporters. As you’ll see, we had a great year! Our work would not be possible without you and the vast and resilient network of individuals and organizations we get to work alongside each day. Together we leverage the power of good food to build healthy communities and resilient local economies, to help Detroiters raise thriving children and families, and to conserve land, water, and biodiversity for future generations.

Click here to read our 2019 Annual Report!

KGD MAINTAINS A ROBUST PRACTICE OF DATA COLLECTION, EVALUATION, AND RESEARCH Check out the latest journal article we co-authored How Gardening and a Gardener Support Program in Detroit Influence Participants’ Diet, Food Security, and Food Values” or the accompanying stories from our We Keep Growing storytelling project. 

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