Garden Resources


Keep Growing Detroit helps to connect gardeners in the Garden Resource Program with many resources to help gardeners grow their gardens as well as technical assistance. This support ranges from new garden development support, like community organizing or design support, to physical resources like soil tests, compost or raised beds. Click here to see KGD’s overview of 2019 Garden Resources.  


Keep Growing Detroit co-hosts three regional resource hubs with local garden leaders to ensure that Garden Resource Program members have local access to the essential gardening resource that they need to have a productive garden. Resources available at these hubs include compost, woodchips and tool lending. Resources are only available “active” GRP members so make sure that you attend at least one workshop or grower gathering per year so you’re eligible!


KGD also hosts seasonal Garden Resource Days across the city in partnership with local gardens to facilitate resource distribution. At Garden Resource Days, which are held primarily in spring, growers not only learn about and get access to seasonal resources for their gardens, but they also provide growers an opportunity to meet other GRP members while learning new skills and helping out with seasonal tasks at the host garden.

April 25th- Protecting Your Plants with Row Cover at Making Shade Community Garden, 2016 Richton off 14th street near Elmhurst, 5-7PM Protect your plants from frost and pests by installing row cover over your beds. Gardeners will be able to take some home to try in their gardens.

May 1st- Planting Potatoes and Onions at Cadillac Urban Gardens, 4601 Merritt between Junction and McKinstry, 5-7PM Get hands on helping our host site plant potatoes and onions, and take some home to plant in your garden.

May 11th- Building Raised Beds and Basic Garden Maintenance at 4 Angels Community Garden, 9745 Kensington 2 blocks of Ford Service Drive, 1-3PM Demonstration and distribution of raised beds, trellis net and tomato stakes. Must sign up in advance if picking up beds.

June 1st- Planting Sweet Potatoes Belle Chere Community Garden, 881 Kitchener off of E. Jefferson, 1-3PM Have you had success with sweet potatoes? There are a few tips and trick to learn. Come help plant out at our host community garden and take some sweet potato slips home to plant in your garden.

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