Additional Garden Resources


To ensure gardeners and farmers in the GARDEN RESOURCE PROGRAM have a successful growing season, Keep Growing Detroit helps members with technical assistance and resources beyond seeds and plants. Additional resources and support range from help with new garden development such as community organizing and design support to physical resources like soil tests, compost, and raised beds. Additional resources are only available “active” GRP members so make sure that you attend at least one workshop or grower gathering per year so you’re eligible!

If you’d like to request a site visit, soil test, garden development support, or help with property acquisition please fill out our RESOURCE REQUEST FORM. On this electronic form you can also request support with tilling, raised beds materials, and volunteer assistance but these resources are limited.


KGD also hosts seasonal Garden Resource Days across the city in partnership with local gardens to facilitate resource distribution. At Garden Resource Days, which are held primarily in spring, growers not only learn about and get access to seasonal resources for their gardens, but they also provide growers an opportunity to meet other GRP members while learning new skills and helping out with seasonal tasks at the host garden.

Details about 2020 Garden Resource Days will be shared soon.

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