Education Series

Keep Growing Detroit’s Urban Garden Education Series is a set of classes designed to help Detroiters of all ages grow, maintain, harvest, preserve, and eat fruits and vegetables from their urban gardens and farms. Classes are $3 for GRP members and $5 for non memberbers. No RSVP necessary unless otherwise stated.


February 3rd – SOUPREME: Soup 101 with Ben Hall of the Russell St. Deli at Brightmoor Artisans Collective, 22735 Fenkell Ave, 6-8PM Do you miss Russell St. Deli like we do? Although they closed their doors last summer, you can find their delicious soups at grocers throughout the region through their company “Little Pot Soup”. Join us for an evening with owner and chef Ben Hall. He’ll share the building blocks and techniques to making great soup to keep you warm thru the remainder of winter.

February 6th – SUPER SPROUTS: Growing Micro-Greens, Shoots and Sprouts with Rising Pheasant Farm at the Georgia St. Community Collective, 8902 Vinton St, 6-8PM Microgreens, shoots, and sprouts are all crops that are harvested soon after the seeds germinate. They are highly nutritious, tasty and can be grown indoors in trays. Rising Pheasant Farm has been growing shoots for the last 10 years. Come learn the nitty gritty from farmer Carolyn Leadley on how to grow these baby greens.

February 20th – MOTOWN MARDI GRAS: Creole Cooking with Gabriel Hall, St. Matthew’s & St. Joseph’s 8850 Woodward Ave. 6-8PM Come celebrate Mardi Gras with Louisiana-born chef Ederique Goudia of upcoming West Village restaurant Gabriel Hall. Creole food is a mixture of West African, French, and Indigenous cooking. Learn about the art of slow cooking, the vast world of creole sauces and rouxs, and the history of Creole cooking.

February 29th – CITY CHICKENS: Raising Chickens in the City with Mark Covington at Georgia St Community Center, 8902 Vinton, 1-3PM Chickens not only make great company but their eggs are an excellent source of protein and provide nutrient rich manure droppings for your garden. In this class, we will cover the basics of care for our feathered friends including housing, feeding, and general flock maintenance. Come in fair or ‘fowl’ weather!

March 5th – FRUIT FANCY: Perennial Fruit Cultivation and Care at Oakland Ave Urban Farm, 9354 Oakland Ave 6-8PM Apples, cherries, peaches, pears, blackberries, gooseberries…. there are so many varieties of fruit we can grow in Detroit. Join our regional fruit extension agent Bob Tritten to get the lowdown on cultivating these crops. Special focus will be given to common problems including fruit set on tree fruits and pest management strategies.

RSVP Only! March 12th – TROPICAL SPICE: Growing Ginger and Turmeric at the Keep Growing Detroit Farm, 1850 Erskine, 6-8PM Ginger and turmeric are wonderful herbs that are well known form their health promoting properties. The part we use is the roots (rhizomes) of plants that are native to tropical regions but we can grow them here in Michigan! Learn what it takes to get these rhizomes rooting at this class. A limited number of kits will be available for $12 per person. Purchasing a kit is not required to attend the class. RSVP to reserve your kit at 313-656-4769 or [email protected]

March 25th – GROWING FOR MARKET: Grown in Detroit (GID) New Marketer Orientation (NMO) at the Keep Growing Detroit Office, 1445 Adelaide St., 5-8PM GID’s fruit, vegetables, flowers, and herbs are grown in gardens and farms tended by GRP members across the city and sold at Detroit’s Eastern Market. Growers receive 100% of the profits for the produce they sell. New growers must attend one NMO before selling with GID. To RSVP contact Imani at 313-656-4769 or [email protected]

March 28th – STARTING SEEDS INDOORS with Akello Karamoko at the Keep Growing Detroit Farm, 1850 Erskine, 1-3PM Many of the crops we can grow here in Michigan need to be started indoors in order for them to mature during our growing season. At this class learn the simple tools and methods needed to grow out your own transplants at home.

RSVP Only! April 4th – GRAFTING FRUIT TREES at the Keep Growing Detroit Farm, 1850 Erskine, 1-3PM LET’S GRAFT! Grafting is the practice of uniting young branches (scion) of one plant with a root stock of another in the same family. In fact, you can graft scions of your favorite varieties onto an existing tree. At this class seasoned grafting enthusiast Trevor Newman will share the ins and outs of grafting your favorite fruit. Participants will get hands-on experience and can bring home a grafted tree (approx. 18-24 inches). A limited number of grafted tree kits are available for $10 per person. Purchasing a kit is not required to attend the class. RSVP to reserve your kit at 313-656-4769 or [email protected]

ONGOING THIS SEASON: Hands-on Hoophouse Builds. Hoophouses are unheated greenhouses used to extend the growing season for longer harvests and higher yields. At these hands-on builds learn about the materials needed and get practice with the steps required to build a hoophouse. Each day of building we will have an overview of the steps of the process and questions and answers at 9AM and 1PM. These sessions are hands-on, please wear appropriate work clothes. Contact us for more info. You can come for the whole build or just a few hours.

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