Education Series

Keep Growing Detroit’s Urban Garden Education Series is a set of classes designed to help Detroiters of all ages grow, maintain, harvest, preserve, and eat fruits and vegetables from their urban gardens and farms. Classes are $3 for GRP members and $5 for non memberbers. No RSVP necessary unless otherwise stated.


May 20 – HIGH QUALITY HARVEST: Harvest and Storage Best Practices at KGD Farm, 1850 Erskine from 5-7pm. Thinkin’ about selling veggies from your garden? Great! Join KGD farmers for this hands-on workshop focused on making your salad greens greener and cauliflower… cauliflower-er! We’ll be sharing our tricks for harvesting, bunching, and storing our produce so that it’s simply irresistible and fetches top dollar at the market stand.

May 23 – PLANNING FOR PLENTY: Planning For Year Round Gardening at Genesis Hope, 7200 Mack Ave at Grand Blvd. from 6-8pm. Bringing a whole new meaning to bountiful, garden planning is a great way to ensure successful and consistent harvests throughout the season. Learn some effective garden planning strategies so that you can harvest something almost every day during the growing season.

May 30th – GROWING FOR MARKET: Grown in Detroit New Marketer Orientation at Serenity in the Garden, 18440 Wexford from 6-8:30pm. GID’s fruit, vegetables, flowers, and herbs are grown in gardens and farms tended by GRP members across the city and sold at Detroit’s Eastern Market. Growers receive 100% of the profits for the produce they sell. If you are interested in selling with GID this year, join us at the first New Marketer Orientation (NMO) of 2019 to learn safe harvest and post-harvest practices as well as GID’s marketing processes and procedures. New growers must attend at least one NMO before selling with GID. To RSVP contact us.

June 6th – ROCKIN RICE: Growing Small Scale Grains at the KGD Farm, 1850 Erskine from 6-8pm. You don’t have to grow acres and acres of grains to get a decent harvest. Pounds of rice can be harvested from a single raised bed. Join grain farmer John Edgerton of Harvest of Joy Farm to get the lowdown on types of grains we can grow and strategies to get a good harvest.

June 15th – Making Quality Compost with John Biernbaum at Central Detroit Christian Farm, 632 W Philadelphia St. from 1-3pm. Compost is a wonderful addition to our soils. It stimulates microbial activity that benefits plants, helps hold water in the soil and provides nutrients plants need. In many cases the compost we make at home can be higher quality that the stuff we get from the garden center and composting keeps food waste out of the landfill. At this class seasoned composter John Biernbaum from MSU will share tips and techniques to make the best of your compost pile.

June 17th – FARM STYLE COOKING: Greens at the KGD Farm, 1850 Erskine from 5-7pm. Come join us on the farm to harvest what’s in season and get some practice transforming fresh produce into flavorful and easy to make healthy food for the whole family. Come dressed and prepared to be in the field and the kitchen!

June 20th- TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE: Useful Weed and Herb Foraging at Eliza Howell Park, 23751 Fenkell Ave. from 6-8pm. There are many useful plants that grow wild throughout the city. Mullein, plantain, chickweed, dandelion, nettles, clover…the list goes on. Join Lottie Spady of Earthseed Detroit for an exploration Eliza Howell Park to discover these plants and a discussion of how to use them. Particular focus will be given to plants that heal.

ONGOING THIS SEASON: Hands-on Hoophouse Builds. Hoophouses are unheated greenhouses used to extend the growing season for longer harvests and higher yields. At these hands-on builds learn about the materials needed and get practice with the steps required to build a hoophouse. Each day of building we will have an overview of steps of the process and questions and answers at 9AM and 1PM. These sessions are hands-on, please wear appropriate work clothes. Contact us for more info. You can come for the whole build or just a few hours.

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