Education Series

Keep Growing Detroit’s Urban Garden Education Series is a set of classes designed to help Detroiters of all ages grow, maintain, harvest, preserve, and eat fruits and vegetables from their urban gardens and farms. Classes are $3 for GRP members and $5 for non memberbers. No RSVP necessary unless otherwise stated.


July 22 – Weed and Pest Management at the KGD Farm, 1850 Erskine, 5-7PM. Weeds and pests are a fact of life in the garden but with a little planning, proper identification and the right tools you can keep them in check. Join KGD farmers to learn best practices for managing weeds. This session is hands on, please come prepared to work.

July 25 – Vegetable Families Focus: Cool Curcubits, Making Shade Farm, 2015 Cortland, 6-8PM. Cucumbers, watermelon, musk melon, cantaloupe, pumpkin and winter squash are all in the Cucurbit family of vegetables. Crops in this family have similar nutrient needs, pest and disease problems and require similar plant care strategies. Join MSU Horticulture Professor John Biernbaum to get some hot tips on growing these cool crops.

RSVP Only! August 3 – Farm Tour: Ten Hens Farm Leaving from Earthworks Urban Farm, 1264 Meldrum, 9AM-2PM. Ten Hens Farm is a year-round, sustainable farm located in Bath, Michigan – 10 miles Northeast of Lansing. They grow a variety of vegetables on 3 acres and in six hoophouses totaling just over 17,000 square feet. At this tour we will check out their late season crops and see what they have planned for the hoophouses for winter production. Tour will leave from Earthworks Urban Farm, 1264 Meldrum. Contact us to RSVP. 

August 12 – Growing Flowers For Market at Black Dog Farm, 3393 E. Ferry, 6-8PM. Flowers are a great way to diversify your crop production to always have something interesting at the farm stand. Whether perennial bouquets or single stem sunflowers; many flowers are relatively easy to grow and demand top dollar. Join flower farmers Molly Hubbell and Ollie Doht for info on how to get your flowers to market and bucks in your pocket.

August 17 – Beautiful Borders: Perennial Garden Basics and Design at Gloryland Garden at Gesu Church, 17178 Oak Dr, 1-3PM. A well designed perennial garden can increase the beauty in the space and attract pollinators and beneficial insects. At this class learn about varieties that grow well in Detroit, concepts for designing perennial beds and strategies for maintaining plants for years to come. 

August 19 – Taste of Summer: Farm Style Cooking at the KGD Farm, 1850 Erskine, 5-7PM Come join us on the farm to harvest what’s in season and get some practice transforming fresh produce into flavorful and easy to make healthy food for the whole family. Come dressed and prepared to be in the field and the kitchen!

August 22 – Season Extension Fall Crop Planning and Quickhoops Demonstration at Twelfth Street MBC, 1840 Midland St. 6-8PM. August is the time to start planting crops for late season harvest. Learn about crops to grow, ideal planting dates, season extension strategies and using quick hoops to protect crops into the winter at this session. A limited number of quickhoops are available for sale at this class for members of Keep Growing Detroit’s Garden Resource Program. For more information contact us. 

September 3 – Eat What You Can and Can What You Can’t: Hot Water Canning, Location TBA, 6-8PM. When you know how to properly can your harvest, you don’t have to let a single ripe fruit or veggie go to waste! You can enjoy your home-grown produce year round with this useful skill. Seasoned canner Hanifa Adjuman will share safe and easy hot water canning methods that you can use in your own home.

September 9 – Succession Planting for Hoophouse Season Extension, at the Keep Growing Detroit Farm, 1850 Erskine, 5-7PM. If you’re looking to get the max out of your new hoophouse, take this opportunity to see how KGD farmers plan for a winter/early spring harvest under the hoop. Discussion will center around crop timing and variety selection. Come prepared to dig in and get your hands dirty. 

RSVP Only! September 15 – Tour to Kapnick Orchards Leaving from the Keep Growing Detroit Farm, 1850 Erskine, 9AM-1PM. This small scale orchard has been in business for over 50 years. Join us to get some tips on growing tree fruit and and inside look at the inner workings of an orchard business.  Contact us to RSVP. 

ONGOING THIS SEASON: Hands-on Hoophouse Builds. Hoophouses are unheated greenhouses used to extend the growing season for longer harvests and higher yields. At these hands-on builds learn about the materials needed and get practice with the steps required to build a hoophouse. Each day of building we will have an overview of steps of the process and questions and answers at 9AM and 1PM. These sessions are hands-on, please wear appropriate work clothes. Contact us for more info. You can come for the whole build or just a few hours.

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