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To encourage Detroiters to grow thriving gardens and continue learning with safe social distancing during the COVID crisis all KGD classes have been moved online and are FREE.

Zoom Webinars, Saturdays @1pm, registration links below 

STORING & COOKING FARM FRESH PRODUCE w/ ABRA BERENS + AMANDA McLEMORE Saturday, August 15th at 1PM. Whether you’ve joined a CSA or are growing food yourself, it can be a challenge to keep up with the abundance of summertime. Join us to lear tips on how to maximize freshness and reduce waste in your CSA subscription and backyard harvest from Abra Berens and Amanda McLemore. REGISTER HERE

FUTURE FOOD: SEED SAVING Saturday, August 22nd at 1PM. Saving seed from our vegetable crops is easy, economical and fun. In many cases 1 plant can yield hundreds of seeds. Join KGD farmer Akello Karamoko to discuss the ins and outs of saving seeds from your favorite crops. REGISTER HERE

LANDSCAPING WITH NATIVE PLANTS Join KGD and our partners the National Wildlife Federation and Land & Water Works Coalition for a free Landscaping with Native Plants webinar on Saturday, August 29th from 1-2:30pm. Participants will learn all about the benefits of native flowers and shrubs, be introduced to some of our favorite species, and get planting and maintenance tips from local native plant enthusiasts. Those who attend will also receive 2 free native plant design templates, a coupon code that will allow them to receive a free flat of 15 native plants that were grown right here in Detroit, and a few other surprises to help their gardens grow. REGISTER HERE

AUTUMN HARVEST COOKING w/ KIRSTEN KIRBY-SHOOTE Saturday, September 12th at 1PM. Join Kirsten Kirby-Shoote, Tlingit chef, farmer, and food activist, for recipes highlighting your autumn harvest and CSA share.

Previously offered webinars are also available free! 

TIPS FOR GROWING FALL CROPS Saturday August 1st at 1pm. Now is the time for fall garden planting. Let’s take a dive into the crops you can still plant right now sharing tips on timing, pest pressures and optimal growing conditions for a bountiful fall harvest.

GLOBAL FLAVOR WITH SEASONAL INGREDIENTS Learn how to make tbikha (spiced greens and chickpea stew) and a summer carrot salad with Warda of Warda Pâtisserie! Staying true to her philosophy of combining local and seasonal high end ingredients with unique global flavors, Warda’s cooking is inspired by her travels and previous life in North Africa, France, and Asia.

BOUNTIFUL GARDEN HARVEST & STORAGE TIPS Summer is in full swing and so many of our crops are ready to harvest. Join us for a conversation on harvesting techniques, food safety and tips for making the most of our abundance coming from the garden.

BUILDING HIGHTUNNELS WITH FISHEYE FARM Hightunnels allow farmers in cold climates to extend their growing season, maximizing profit by harvesting both earlier and later than the normal season. Let’s explore the different types of hightunnels, tips for building, the costs involved and other factors to consider when making this investment for your farm as we build out a structure with our friends at  Fisheye Farm.

MANAGING PESTS Holes in your collards? Slugs in your lettuce? One bite out of an almost ripe tomato? Argh!!! Join KGD farmer Molly Hubbell for a discussion of methods to prevent and address pest problems.

KEEPING WEEDS IN CHECK Weeds are a fact of life. Although some of them can be useful, if we don’t manage them they will outcompete our crops. With diligence and the right tools keeping them in check can save lots of work. Join us for a session on identifying, preventing and managing weeds to give our crops the upper hand.

ROCKIN RICE You don’t have to grow acres and acres of grains to get a decent harvest. Pounds of rice can be harvested from a single raised bed. Join this webinar with grain farmer John Edgerton of Harvest of Joy Farm to get the lowdown on types of grains we can grow and strategies to get a good harvest.

FORAGING IN THE D For much of human history, humans have relied on gathering wild growing edible plants for our daily nourishment. Join us on a journey into learning all about common “weeds” that are nutritious, edible, and medicinal plants that you can find growing wild all over Detroit.

GROW WITH ME, AT HOME Interested in starting a garden with your young child but not sure what to do? Learn the basics of starting and growing your veggie garden. This video covers basic soil preparation, planting, watering and maintenance. It also helps caregivers incorporate fine and gross motor skills, as well as counting and color recognition in the garden setting.

TIPS FOR GROWING HOT CROPS Tomatoes, Cukes, Beans, Melons, Eggplant, Herbs! Now is the time to plant hot crops, tune in to learn tips for trellising, staking, and dealing with common pests and diseases. 

GROWING VEGETABLES IN CONTAINERS Don’t have much space? No worries, grow in containers! Let’s dive in to learn the best soil types, appropriate container size, and tips for selecting plants that will thrive in containers. 

COMPOSTING BASICS Compost is good for the planet and good for your plants! Learn the nitty gritty on turning food scraps and yard waste into a high value resource for your garden. You can do this! 

CARING FOR COLD CROPS Did you just plant cold weather seeds and plants? Tune into this webinar for maintenance tips and pest management strategies for each of the early season plants that were distributed through the Garden Resource Program. 

INTRODUCTION TO BEEKEEPING Learn what it takes to start, maintain, harvest and care for a bee hive. Topics include: biology of bees, honey production and the structure of the hive.

GARDENING PLANNING Do you have a plan for your garden? Explore ways to increase and extend your harvest by staggering your crop plantings.

RAINWATER COLLECTION BASICSTake a look at the options that gardeners have to safely collect and use rain water in the city.

URABAN GARDENING 101 Today more than ever people are finding value in growing their own food. Learn the basics of starting a garden including how to prep your soil, spacing, and watering.

STARTING SEEDS INDOORS Many of the crops we can grow here in Michigan need to be started indoors in order for them to mature during our growing season. Learn the simple tools and methods needed to grow out your own transplants at home.

FRUIT TREE PRUNING Learn how to prune your fruit trees so they stay healthy and productive for years to come!

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