Education Series

Keep Growing Detroit’s Urban Garden Education Series is a set of classes designed to help Detroiters of all ages grow, maintain, harvest, preserve, and eat fruits and vegetables from their urban gardens and farms. Classes are $3 for GRP members and $5 for non memberbers. No RSVP necessary unless otherwise stated.


October 24 – JAMAICAN ME HUNGRY: Jamaican Cooking with Irie Occasions at St. Mathew and St. Joseph Church, 8850 Woodward, 6-8PM. Jamaican cuisine includes a mixture of cooking techniques, flavours, spices and influences from the indigenous people of the island of Jamaica and the Spanish, Irish, British, Africans, Indian and Chinese who have inhabited the island. Join Reniel Billups, owner of Irie Occasions and Flavors of Jamaica to get a taste of the island and bring some inspiration back to your own kitchen.

October 28 – READING YOUR SOIL: On Farm Soil Testing and Soil Management at Keep Growing Detroit Farm, 1850 Erskine from 5-7PM. Soil testing is a valuable tool in understanding the quality of your soil and making sure it is safe to grow in. Attendees of this session will learn best practices for soil testing, how to interpret your soil test and how to turn a soil test into a management plan. Come prepared to dig in and get your hands dirty.

RSVP only! November 16 – 2020 FARM PLANNING: Creating a Crop Mix and Record Keeping at Keep Growing Detroit Office, 1445 Adelaide from 1-4PM. Bring your notes from 2019 as we plan for success in 2020. This class will guide market gardeners through the process of selecting their crop mix, creating a planting detail, and making harvest projections for next season. Contact us to RSVP. 

November 21 – KOREAN CRUNCH: Making Kim Chi with Gwi Seok at Broadstreet Presbyterian Church, 12065 Broadstreet Ave. from 6-8PM. Kim Chi is a spicy crunchy delicious Korean traditional side dish of salted and fermented vegetables and seasonings including gochugaru (chili powder), scallions, garlic, ginger, and other ingredients. Join GRP member Gwi Seok as shes shares family recipes on making this yummy dish.

December 9 – MAS MASA: Making Tamales at PizzaPlex, 4458 W Vernor Hwy, 6-8PM. Tamales are a delightful dish made of masa or dough filled with meat, cheese or vegetable filling which is steamed in a corn husk. They are a traditional dish of Central and South America. Join us for this class to learn tips and techniques for preparing tamales in your own kitchen.

ONGOING THIS SEASON: Hands-on Hoophouse Builds. Hoophouses are unheated greenhouses used to extend the growing season for longer harvests and higher yields. At these hands-on builds learn about the materials needed and get practice with the steps required to build a hoophouse. Each day of building we will have an overview of steps of the process and questions and answers at 9AM and 1PM. These sessions are hands-on, please wear appropriate work clothes. Contact us for more info. You can come for the whole build or just a few hours.

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