Grown in Detroit

Grown in Detroit fruit, vegetables, flowers, and herbs are grown in urban gardens and farms throughout Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park. Growers produce food in healthy soil without harmful chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified products. All Garden Resource Program members are welcome to participate. Growers receive 100% of the profits from produce sold.


Saturdays at Eastern Market from mid-April thru early December at the center of Shed 2, located on Russell between Winder and Adelaide.

Tuesdays at Eastern Market, from June thru September at the center of Shed 2, located on Russell between Winder and Adelaide.


The next time you schedule a meeting away from the office, plan a night out with friends and family, or select a caterer to give food for an event please consider supporting Grown in Detroit by choosing one of the Detroit-based restaurants and food businesses that source fresh, local fruits and vegetables from Grown in Detroit. In addition to these Detroit-based restaurants, Grown in Detroit supplies many emerging value added and prepared food entrepreneurs. Some of these businesses include The Brinery, Slow Jams, Beau Bien Fine Foods, Sister Pie, McClary Brothers, Ms. Pruitts, and Healthy Living-Raw.

Check out our latest GID Dining Guide here.

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Detroit Grown & Made is a unique collaboration between FoodLab Detroit and Keep Growing Detroit that connects specialty food makers, processors, and distributors to urban gardeners and farmers participating in the Grown in Detroit program. The chefs, bakers, caterers, jam-makers, and business owners of FoodLab take veggies, berries, fruits, and herbs straight from the hands of GID’s many growers to create special edition products. And when we say special edition, we mean if you’re not here right now they may be only a memory already!

By purchasing a product with the Detroit Grown & Made label, you are supporting Detroit-based food businesses and the many farms and gardens of local growers. And, by virtue of that, you are contributing to the well-being of a dynamic and vibrant food system in the city of Detroit.


Learn about the marketing process at the next new marketer orientation. This hands-on workshop is held at a productive market garden, and introduces growers to the major record keeping tools developed and used by Grown in Detroit cooperative members. At the workshop, experienced GID members cover topics including harvesting, post harvest handling, and selling produce at market. For more information, please contact us.

Gardener Market Log now available on-line for growers here.

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