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What about honey bees? Did you know that honey bees are responsible for pollinating more than 100 food crops from apples to zucchini or that for over a decade honey bees have been dying by the tens of millions?

Keep Growing Detroit’s Sweet on Detroit Bee-ginner Beekeeping Program is a series of hands-on workshops designed to introduce students to the art of beekeeping (apiculture). Since 2007 this program has taught new beekeepers the skills needed to create and maintain healthy and thriving bee hives. Classes are coordinated by Keep Growing Detroit with the support of many beekeepers across the City. The 6-part series has an organic emphasis and is designed to address the essentials of starting and maintaining a hive including: the biology of bees, building hive equipment (supers and frames), installing bees in the hive, hive maintenance, honey extraction, and winterizing hives. In addition to classes, Bee-ginners will have opportunities to gain hands-on experience during one-on-one “Bee Buddy” sessions.

Download the 2018 Bee-ginner Beekeeping Application here. Completed applications are due by April 13, 2018.

URBAN GARDEN EDUCATION SERIES Information available here.


Farm Train is a series of workshops and hands-on working sessions for Detroit’s seasoned growers with market experience. Check back in September for details about our 2018 Farm Train Program!


Urban Roots is a 9-week hands-on course designed to teach community leaders core community organizing and horticulture skills. The course emphasizes organic methods and is designed for gardens that are producing food. Now in it’s 12th year, more than 400 students have participated in Urban Roots, learning the skills needed to create and maintain strong, vibrant, and sustainable community gardens. Graduates of the program have gone on to further their leadership roles in neighborhoods by leading workshops, hosting volunteer days, starting food entrepreneurship projects, and enhancing gardens all over the city. Urban Roots is open to residents of the City of Detroit who demonstrate involvement and/or interest in community gardening.

Download the 2018 Urban Roots Application here.












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