Education Series

The Urban Garden Education Series is a set of classes designed to help Detroiters of all ages grow, maintain, harvest, preserve, and eat fruits and vegetables from their urban gardens and farms. Classes are $3 for Garden Resource Program members and $5 for non-members.

Download our full summer/fall schedule here!

SEASON EXTENSION BASICS with Kido Pielack. Thursday, September 11th 6-8PM at the Plum St Market Garden 2202 Third St south of I-75 near the MGM Grand parking garage. Most gardeners grow their veggies from May to September but with a little know-how and a few simple tools anyone can extend their growing season. In this class learn to work with scheduling, seed varieties and special tools such as row cover, cold frames and low tunnels (quickhoops) to keep your garden growing!

PICKLING AND FERMENTING with David Klingenberger from the Brinery. Saturday, September 20th 1-3PM at Gleaners Community Food Bank 2131 Beaufait St south of Vernor east of Mt Elliot. Fermentation is an easy, healthy way to preserve vegetables using a little salt, some patience, and a lot of love. After covering the roles fermented foods has played throughout history, we will work together to learn how to create wonderful fermented snacks (such as sauer kraut, kim chi, pickles and dilly beans), complete with a taste testing of course!

KUNG FOOD: Asian inspired Vegetable Dishes with Chef Jon Kung. Monday, September 22nd 6-8PM at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen 1264 Meldrum St.

CITY CHICKENS 101: INTRO TO BASIC CHICKEN KEEPING with Mark Covington. Thursday, September 25th 6-8PM at Georgia Street Community Center, 8902 Vinton at the corner of Georgia, west of Gratiot and north of I-94. Chickens not only make great company but their eggs are an excellent source of protein and provide nutrient rich manure droppings for your garden. In this class, we will cover the basics of care for our feathered friends including housing, feeding, and general flock maintenance. Come in fair or ‘fowl’ weather!

GRANT WRITING with Ashley Atkinson. Saturday, October 11th 1-3PM at the MSU Center 3408 Woodward Ave south of Mack There are many grants and funding opportunities for commuity based projects but the process to get them can be overwhelming. You can do it! With a little coaching on planning, creating a budget, finding grants and putting together a proposal you could be well on your way to getting funding for your project.

PRACTICAL PERMACULTURE with Jeremy Kenward. Saturday, October 18th 1-3PM at Red Door Digital 7500 Oakland St north of E. Grand Blvd Permaculture is a philosophy of living that emphasizes the health of people, conservation of resources and care for the planet. Methods such as water catchment and growing perennial fruit and vegetables are based on these principals. Permaculturist Jeremy Kenward of Wild Earth Farm will share ways in which we can integrate permaculture into our everyday lives.

FOOD AS MEDICINE: Delicious Dishes for Health with Chef Meiko Krishok. Monday, October 27th 6-8PM at St. Peter and St. Paul Orthodox Church 3700 Gilbert St west of Livernois south of Michigan.

NUTRITION BASICS: Knowledge is Healthy. Saturday, November 15th 1-3PM at New Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church 2201 Elmhurst St at 14th south of the Davison. The foundation for a healthy diet is the knowledge of how different food affect our bodies. Why are refined sugars bad for us? Why is important to eat vegetables every day? Join us in this class as we explore the ways different foods effect our bodies and ways in which we can approach healthier eating.

SEASONAL TREATS: Tasty (Healthy) Desserts. Monday, December 8th 6-8PM at St. Mathew and St Joseph 8850 Woodward Ave. at Gladstone