Education Series

Education Series

The Urban Garden Education Series is a set of classes designed to help Detroiters of all ages grow, maintain, harvest, preserve, and eat fruits and vegetables from their urban gardens and farms. Classes are $3 for Garden Resource Program members and $5 for non-members.

Check out the 2016 summer line-up here.

COMPOSTPONICS: Thinking Outside the In-Ground Bed. Saturday, August 27th, 1-3PM at Fields of Plenty Farm, Fields of Plenty Farm, 860 Clairmount. Park on Third Street, just south of Clairmount. When growing a garden in containers or raised beds we have the freedom to explore different media (soil, compost, soil less mix) to grow in. In this class Dr. John Biernbaum of MSU will share information from the research he has been doing on growing in different compost based mediums and the potential this could yield for better crops.

BUY YOUR LAND: Acquiring Land Security in Detroit. Tuesday, August 30th, 6-8PM at Oakland Ave. Market Garden, 9354 Oakland Avenue north of Holbrook west of I-75. Land security is one of the most critical components to achieving food sovereignty and ensuring the sustainability of urban agriculture projects. Itis also one of the most confusing! Many processes for getting permission, leasing, and buying land have changed and new ones have been created. Join us in this session for an update and explanation of what processes exist now, tools and tips for navigating them, and where to find resources and support. The class will be co-taught by Janell O’Keefe, Land & Policy Support Specialist at KGD, and Nick Leonard, Attorney at Great Lakes Environmental Law Center. 

SEED SAVING. Saturday, September 10th, 1-3PM at the Plum St. Market Garden, 2202 3rd St. Become a part of the seed saving legacy and save seeds from your favorite flowers and vegetables. This skill also means saving money and is a rewarding, sustainable practice to use year after year. In this class learn the seed saving savvy on how to properly choose, collect and store those precious pods.

TOTALLY TOMATOES: Unique Delicious Tomato Creations with Chef Andy Hollyday of Selden Standard. Tuesday, September 13th, 6-8PM at New Prospect MBC, 6330 Pembroke Ave, west of Livernois. Tomatoes are one of those crops we often end up with a bumper crop of. Super delicious fresh, they are very versatile and can be used in many ways. At this class Chef Andy Hollyday will share creative ways to cook up these saucy solanaceaes.

CITY CHICKENS: Raising Chickens 101. Monday, September 19th, 6-8PM at the Georgia St. Community Center 8902 Vinton Ave at Georgia west of Gratiot north of Harper Chickens not only make great company but their eggs are an excellent source of protein and provide nutrient rich manure droppings for your garden. In this class, we will cover the basics of care for our feathered friends including housing, feeding, and general flock maintenance. Come in fair or ‘fowl’ weather!

SUN SALUTATIONS: Yoga For Gardeners. Saturday, September 24th, 1-3PM at Hubbard Farms Community Garden, 1453 Hubbard St south of Vernor west of W. Grand Blvd. Gardening is good for our health but sometimes a pulled weed or a wheelbarrow full of compost can leave us sore and aching. Yoga is a great tool to help us do garden work and avoid aches and pains. Join fellow gardener and yoga instructor Erin Shawgo as she shares garden asanas to keep our weed pulling pain free. No experience necessary.

WILD FERMENTATION: Sauerkraut, Pickles and More with The Brinery. Thursday, September 29th, 6-8PM at Brightmoor Artisans Community Kitchen, 22735 Fenkell Ave west of Lahser. Fermentation is an easy, healthy way to preserve vegetables using a little salt, some patience, and a lot of love. After covering the roles fermented foods has played throughout history, we will work together to learn how to create wonderful fermented snacks (such as sauer kraut, kim chi, pickles and dilly beans). This class will be complete with a taste testing of course!

FANTASTIC FALAFAL: Classic Lebanese Cooking. Thursday, October 13th, 6-8PM at New Mt Zion MBC, 2201 Elmhurst St, west of the Lodge south of Davison. Lebanese food is a fantastic combination of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices with many delicious vegetarian options. In this class we will share home style recipes for Lebanese classics including: falafal, hummus, tabouli, fattoush and more. Come with an appetite.

GRANT WRITING. Thursday, November 3rd, 6-8 PM at Repairthe World 2701 Bagley Ave south of Vernor west of Rosa Parks. Many community-based gardening and greening projects are eligible for grant, crowd sourcing, and fundraising opportunities but the process to apply and secure funds can sometimes be overwhelming. You can do it! With a little coaching on planning, creating a budget, finding grants and putting together a proposal you could be well on your way to getting funding for your project.

HERBTASTIC!: Making Teas, Tinctures, and Salves. Tuesday, November 15th, 6-8PM at Genesis Hope Church 7200 Mack at E. Grand Blvd. Simple garden recipes have been used for health and beauty for centuries. Homemade herbal teas, tinctures, and salves are not only impressive but can be used for medicinal, cosmetic, or nutritional purposes. Learn new and wonderful ways to take advantage of your garden spices and herbs. In this class you will learn how to whip up teas, tinctures, and salves using easy time-saving tactics.

TASTE OF ETHIOPIA: Cooking Ethiopian Food with Chef Phil Jones. Monday, December 5th, 6-8PM at Calvary Baptist Church, 1000 Robert Bradby Dr at McDougall and Lafayette. Ethiopian food YUM! A typical meal includes a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes which you pick up and eat with delightful spongy flat bread called injera. Joins us for this class where Chef Phil Jones will take us on a journey through Ethiopian flavors and recipes.


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