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8Ashley Atkinson, Co-Director at Keep Growing Detroit, has worked in the field of community gardening, urban greening, and vacant land reuse for more than 20 years. Her career began in her hometown, Flint, Michigan, where she co-founded the Flint Urban Gardening and Land Use Corporation and developed the Clean and Green program for the Genesee County Land Bank. In 2001 she moved to the City of Detroit to work with Detroit Summer, a program of the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership and the Detroit Agriculture Network to develop urban agriculture opportunities for Detroiters of all ages. In 2003 she helped design and launch Detroit’s Garden Resource Program and the rest is history! Ashley is a graduate of both Michigan State University and The University of Michigan where she studied International Development, Community Organization, and Environmental/Land Use Planning.

Danielle Daguio is KGD’s Fundraising & Data Specialist. For nearly a decade, Danielle focused on producing multimedia for local nonprofits in NYC and Detroit. Most recently, she provided accompaniment to volunteers committed to yearlong service nationwide through Cap Corps Midwest and Mercy Volunteer Corps. Deeply passionate for the city, she volunteers at Cabrini Clinic, plays in the Detroit City Futbol League, and breaks pandesal with the Detroit Filpino Supper Club. Along the way, she fosters her connection to a long lineage of farmers, as a proud member of the Garden Resource Program and participant in the Sweet on Detroit Beekeeping Program. She maintains a humble garden and three hives on Detroit’s Eastside alongside her husband and adorable pup. Danielle graduated with her BA and MA in Public Communications from Fordham University.

Lola Kristi Gibson-Berg is the Community Education Coordinator at Keep Growing Detroit. She became a member of the Garden Resource Program when she graduated from KGD’s Urban Roots Program in 2015. Born and raised in northwest Detroit, Lola is a proud alum of The Roeper School. Her interest in growing food was sparked at Harvest of Joy Farm as a senior at Kalamazoo College. After graduating from K with a BA in Human Development and Social Relations Lola returned to Detroit. Through Cap Corps Midwest she supported the creation of a school garden and facilitated conversations about race and racism at Detroit Cristo Rey High School. She was reintroduced to her ancestral foodways and family tradition of baking at Rose’s Fine Food as a baker and event planner. In addition to working at KGD, Lola supports distribution and event planning at Riverwise Magazine, a community-based magazine working to reflect local activism and the profound new work being done in and around Detroit neighborhoods. Lola loves Buddy’s Pizza and going to the beach.

Molly Hubbell is the KGD Farm Operations Coordinator. Prior to moving to Detroit in 2012, she lived and worked in Vermont where she studied plant & soil science and received a B.A. from The University of Vermont (UVM). Over the past twelve years, she has developed her farming skills—working in different capacities on organic farms, community gardens, and nurseries in both her native New York, Vermont, and now Detroit.  Molly is always excited to share her love for farming with others.  In her spare time, she enjoys eating everything she grows(!) and playing in the dirt on her own farm in the northend neighborhood of Detroit.

11Akello Karamoko is a farmer at the Keep Growing Detroit Farm. He is a native Detroiter that has always had a green thumb. He planted his first apple tree at 11 years old and sold peppermint and sage at his church when he was thirteen. Farming as a career path is hardly on the minds of other youth growing up in Detroit, but he sought out programs to learn how to grow, plan, harvest, and sell his own organic crops. He’s trained in programs like 4H Gardens with Dr. Wesley Godfrey, KGD’s Urban Agriculture Youth Apprenticeship program, and MSU’s Organic Farmer Training Program. He has worked for the Food Warrior Program with Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN) and City Food’s Good Food Ambassador program. His purpose is to provide similar opportunities for others. He also wants to inform others about their rights to healthy and culturally appropriate foods. He recognizes that while America’s agricultural sector is shrinking, exposure has always inspired innovation. He plans to provide the next generation with the spark to partake in organic agriculture.

Lindsay Pielack is a Co-Director of Keep Growing Detroit. Lindsay has worked with the urban agriculture community in the City of Detroit for nine years, instrumental as an organizer in developing and expanding the Garden Resource Program, which grew from 70 gardens in 2004 to 1,416 gardens in 2012. In her past role as the Urban Garden Program Manager at the Greening of Detroit and now as the co-director of basic programs at Keep Growing Detroit, Lindsay manages new garden development, facilitating resource distribution, and working with community members to build connection, leadership, and capacity within Detroit’s urban agriculture community. Lindsay is proud to be a life-long resident of the City of Detroit, serving the community in which she lives. Lindsay graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Resource Ecology and Management.

Kido Pielack is the Education Coordinator at Keep Growing Detroit. Kido is a native Detroiter who has been working in the field of Urban Agriculture for the past 6 years. His passion for plants and people led him from a career in organic landscaping to an apprenticeship in Urban Agriculture and studies with the MSU Student Organic Farmer Training Program. This training set the foundation for his current position coordinating and teaching adult agriculture education programming with Keep Growing Detroit. He loves sharing his skills with others and believes that in the classroom everyone has something to share and there is always something new to learn.

Tepfirah Rushdan, known affectionately as Tee, is a Co-Director at Keep Growing Detroit. Tee is a native Detroiter that is passionate about serving community. She has combined her love for people and nature through various environmental projects here in the city including developing conservation skills in youth, vacant land remediation, youth and adult farmer training programs, wild edible walks, community gardening and climate change and resiliency research. She has also worked hard to provide resources and technical assistance to hundreds of gardens in the city over the years through her work with the Garden Resource Program. A few of her accomplishments include graduating from the Urban Roots class of 2010, holding a seat on The Detroit Food Policy Council, and helping to guide the work of the Uprooting Racism Planting Justice Initiative. Other notable projects have included helping to complete the Detroit Residential Parcel Survey in 2009, which helped to map the vacant land in Detroit and make this information available to community members.

Romondo Woods II is the Garden Development Coordinator and newest member of the KGD team! He was born and raised in the city of Detroit. After graduating from Denby High School in 2009, he graduated college with his Associates of Applied Technology from Schoolcraft College for Biomedical Engineering. While interning in 2013 for my BA , “I got the call from the most high to teach and feed kids.” In answer to this call he began reading, studying, and watching YouTube videos on how to grow various fruits, veggies, and herbs. While starting his first backyard garden, he was introduced to a few urban farming programs and mentors that helped excel his knowledge and experience. Soon after, he was offered a position to coordinate Detroit garden sites like Lafayette Greens and the Romanowski Farm Park. After a few years of coordinating these spaces he got another opportunity to learn, study, and coordinate microgreens and aquaponics operations around the city. In addition, Romondo has helped develop and install school gardens in middle and high school settings and youth gardens and garden programs around Metro Detroit. Over the last three years he has also been a consistent tilling connection for KGD. Romondo offers a variety of knowledge and experience to GRP members. He has an eagerness to learn and loves gardening, pizza, and freshly baked cookies.

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