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Bees are amazing! They pollinate many food crops, provide a variety of useful products (honey, beeswax, propolis, pollen) and they are fascinating to keep and care for. Trained beekeepers learn to be in tune with the changes of the season and how the hive ebbs and flows throughout the year. Currently, bees and beekeepers have been facing many challenges. Pests, climate change, and the use of toxic pesticides have contributed to annual hive losses on average more than 50%.


The Sweet on Detroit Beekeeper Training program is a series of hands-on educational sessions designed to introduce gardeners to the art of beekeeping. Since 2007, this program has taught new beekeepers the skills needed to create and maintain healthy and thriving bee hives. The 8-part series has an organic emphasis and is designed to address the essentials of starting and maintaining a hive including: the biology of bees, building hive equipment (supers and frames), installing bees in the hive, managing pests and diseases, hive maintenance, honey extraction, and winterizing hives. In addition to classes, Bee-ginners will have opportunities to gain hands-on experience during one-on-one “Bee Buddy” sessions.

Because of the Coronavirus, the 2021 Sweet on Detroit training will consist of  6 online “classroom sessions” and 2 outdoor, physically distanced in-person bee hive inspection visits. Participants will be required to wear masks during in-person sessions. For more details on the series click HERE

The online application is available HERE. The class is $55 with scholarships and payment plans available for low income households. For more information CONTACT US.


Are you currently keeping bees in the city? Consider joining the Sweet on Detroit Beekeeping Club. The Sweet on Detroit Beekeeping Club provides beekeepers in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park with opportunities to build their skills as beekeepers and connect with other beekeepers across the city through hands-on workshops, club meetings, and educational opportunities. To join you must be a member of the Garden Resource Program and actively keep bees in the city. Graduates of the Sweet on Detroit Training Program are encouraged to participate.

The Bee Club gathers monthly for workshops on advanced beekeeping topics, field trips to local conferences (or information on virtual conferences during COVID), and provides a forum for urban beekeepers to share their knowledge and experiences with each other. Once a member you will receive a schedule of meetings, monthly updates and meeting reminders. Generally the Bee Club meets on the last Tuesday of the month. Meetings will be virtual via ZOOM at least through May of 2021 due to the pandemic. For more information on how to join the Beekeeping Club CONTACT US.

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