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THIS SUMMER TREAT YOURSELF TO A MEAL AND SUPPORT GROWN IN DETROIT. The next time you schedule a meeting away from the office, plan a night out with friends and family, or select a caterer to provide food for an event please consider supporting Grown in Detroit by choosing one of the restaurants and food businesses that sources it’s fresh, local fruits and vegetables from Grown in Detroit.

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2014_Grow Something_v2Join our efforts to make sure that the Garden Resource Program (GRP) is a resource for ALL of the city’s residents. The garden is one place where growth occurs, but growing can take place on a window sill, flower bed or mason jar. If you’re interested in nutrition, you can grow kale in a container for your juicer. Family cooks can begin a window sill garden to have fresh herbs for recipes. There are many opportunities to start growing something for everyone and no Detroit, Hamtramck, or Highland Park garden is too big or small to participate in the GRP or classes and events hosted by Keep Growing Detroit that support healthy living and connecting to community. If there are community groups or organizations that you think would like to grow, Keep Growing Detroit’s staff is happy to attend community events to share information. For more information, contact us!


Keep Growing Detroit hosts office hours every Wednesday from 4PM to 6PM and Friday from 10AM to 12PM at our main office located at 76 E. Forest, Detroit 48201. Come visit us to ask questions, get answers, and chat about your garden!