GRP SUMMERFEST 2018! Celebrate the hard work we’ve all been putting into our gardens this growing season at Clark Park (1401 Scotten, near tennis courts) on Tuesday, June 26th from 5:30 to 8pm! SummerFest is one of the largest pot-luck gatherings of growers and food lovers in the city. Come relax with fellow gardens and music, games and good food. This event is family friendly! Bring a dish to share or toppings to go on the Giant GRP Salad Bar if your able and lets have some fun!

SECOND SATURDAY COMMUNITY WORKDAY Join us on Saturday, July 14th from 1-3PM at Knagg’s Creek Farm at 5046 Jeffries. At this hands-on community workday we will be demonstrating water collection and irrigation systems and working together in the garden at Knagg’s Creek. Bonus: Everyone that attends will receive a free copy of our Irrigation Station manual!

THE IRRIGATION STATION is a simple freestanding structure designed to capture rainwater for use in urban gardens and farms with limited access to water. Check out the manual and download a free copy here.

2017 WAS A RECORD BREAKING YEAR FOR KEEP GROWING DETROIT – we supported 23,348 residents in 1,547 gardens across the city! Check out our 2017 Annual Report to learn more about what we were able to achieve with our beloved community and to read excerpts from the #wekeepgrowing storytelling project.

BEAUTIFUL BORDERS PROJECT Are you looking to add some curb appeal to your garden or farm? Take a look at our 4 Beautiful Border designs here.



Do you need support with your garden project? Contact us anytime with questions. Open Hours at the farm will begin in May 2018. Stay tuned for more details.